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The Perth SEO Co. has provided LodgeiT with real, tangible gains in the number of sign-ups to LodgeiT. If you are looking for tangible increases in organic web traffic I can certainly recommend them.

Andrew Noble

Owner, LodgeiT

If you’re looking for a marketing company that can accelerate your business revenues AND build your brand authority online, The Perth SEO Company is friendly, professional and most importantly they get results! Don’t miss out.
Jeffrey Ito

Owner, Digital Green Tea

“A great SEO company, honest and effective. Will be working with them again.”

“Matt continuously proves his expertise in SEO with advice for me and me team, I have no doubt we will continue to work with him well into the future.”

Ben O'Brien

Owner, Convertify

Matt knows his stuff! One of the honest guys I know in the SEO space – highly recommended!

David Pereira

Owner, First Choice Migration

Matt and his team are my recommended go to team for SEO. I often refer my clients to him as I know he’ll get them results.
Campbell Watson

Owner, Clarity Animations

Love your work Perth SEO Company! The team’s knowledge is impressive, and I’ve turned to them for help with our SEO as well as working with our website. They know what they’re doing, and are transparent with how they’re doing it – such a pleasure to work with a team that I can trust!!

Sanjay Shah

Owner, Visionary Digital Studios